Interior Design Career- How to Pick at Next Level?

1. Accessories

  • Get the perfect accessories that set off your furniture beautifully !
  • Frames, Mirrors, Vases, Lamps, Decorative items and so much more. All these pieces aid in completing the space by adding character and giving it a finishing touch.
  • We as a Interior Designer aim to please by not simply providing the furniture but also the accessories to compliment it!

2. Luxury Leather :-

  • Leather furniture is a quick and functional way to add style and class to any room.
  • A material that is always in fashion and that has its own personality. These gorgeous leather products emit a sense of power, strength and refinement.
  • And we at Krishna Construction India pride our collection to be of the Highest Quality Leather Furniture available in the market!
  • The Leather Furniture skins used in this collection are touched up to 200 times by our skilled tanners and our most popular Leather Sofas require 40 hours for just the polish, to counting the hours of craftsmanship poured into the construction!
  • These pieces, made with so much love and skill, are an asset to any space.

3. Rustic Room :-

  • Rustic furniture instantly warms a space with its rugged, hand crafted style giving it a comfortable and relaxed feel.
  • It is reminiscent of the type of furniture one might see in a hunting lodge or cabin in the woods on the edge of a lake.
  • Bold and hearty looking in appearance, this style of decor gives one a vibe of the great outdoors and simpler times.
  • So fire up the grill, pop open a beer and kick back and relax! We’ve got this covered.
  • Best pick for Farm House And Cottage Furniture.

4. Classics Furniture For Your Home :-

  • Timeless pieces that lend an air of extravagance and eternal elegance to your home decor.
  • Each piece of designer furniture or decor comes with its own unique story, remaining forever the epitome of luxury, class and style.
  • Lavish upholsteries and lush lumber all combined with superior finishing and delicate detailing brings to you the tales of an unforgettable era, enveloping your home with its rich history and never ending grace.
  • Its the right choice for people looking for High Quality Customised Furniture And Interiors In India.

5. Antique And Vintage Furniture :-

  • Bright and warm pieces that can make any room look instantly cozy and inviting.
  • Small in scale and highly decorative, they add a subtle sweetness to the space.
  • An intricate blend of floral prints, Antique- vintage paintings and delicate craftsmanship breathe life into the surroundings simply oozing with old world charm.
  • Perfect for those quiet little comfort corners that offer just the right amount of tranquility. Preferred choice of decor for all the one’s looking for Restaurant Furniture, Bar Furniture and Café furniture And Decor.

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